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onna McGarrell
FORMERLY Technical Assistant
Systems Design and Integration

and Adjunct Instructor
Web Design and Support
Ivy Tech State College, Indianapolis

By request:
Oriental Chicken Salad Recipe
Tater Tots Bake (Tracey's)
Taffy Apple Salad (Debbie's)

CIS 252 Wednesday evening class notes: 
week 1 (in process)
week 2
week 3 (in process)
week 4
week 5
week 7
week 9
week 13
Happy Thanksgiving!
week 14

As part of your FINAL EXAM you must visit and reply
to a message on every student's discussion web

Read through the thread of discussion to come up with a thoughtful reply.
(NOTE: once you create your discussion web as our final class exercise,
please add a link to it on your index.html page)

list of your classmates' web sites

list of web sites visited during classes

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