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Notes from Wednesday, Aug. 30th, Class #2: 

You all did a super job! :-)   Please email me your URLs if you don't mind me peeking at your page <>

I will also outline the important parts of the first seven chapters this weekend.
Remember, your first assignment (due in Week 5) will incorporate all the elements from those chapters.

Step-by-step reminder on using Tripod:  


Every site planner has to consider the MAP . . .


The Visual Elements of your Presentation:

Text - background does not interfere, large enough to read-but not too big, clear hierarchy (use graphical elements to break up large blocks of text--like an outline)

Color - use browser safe colors! Audience matters - brainstorm colors that appeal to certain age groups

Navigation - buttons always available and easy to use, frames not too confusing, large site should have an index or sitemap (search feature is nice)

Graphics - do they hurt your site or help your site? Always use alt tags (don't forget the visually impaired can still "read" your page)

Speed - check your download time (keep page and all elements around 50KB). Again, audience matters (speed of older computers/home modems, browser type and screen resolution)


Every web page in the site should look like it belongs there--use repetitive elements (color, buttons, fonts, for example) that carry throughout the pages.

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