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Sites visited during Wednesday evening CIS 252 class:

(note that each click will open a new browser window--be sure to close it to return to this list)

week 1

Web Design Firms (some are a little over the top in my opinion, but a great way to see leading edge technology in practice)

Places that help web designers and developers (especially good links to html resources)

week 2

For web safe colors (promised you this web address in class, did not remember at the time)

(note: preparing and checking others - please return at a later time)


week 3

To make some really unusual text effects (saved as gif files)

Please get yourself logged onto our Campus Pipeline -- would like to start a class chat room/discussion area


week 6

To find a valuable list of resources visit


week 8

Check back soon for samples of framed pages suggested by your classmates


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