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Jan 05

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:: My Favorite Web Design Resources


A List Apart
About WebDesign FAQs
All Songs Considered (NPR)
Andy Rutledge male designer
Astronomy Picture of the Day
Browser Cam font comparisons
Browser Stats (W3Schools)
Builder.com Library
CafeLisa (a beatiful portfolio)
Chroma Design (especially css class)
CIO Web Professional Guides and Tutorials
CSSCreator's Properties Comparison Chart
CoreCSS's Property Compatibility Chart
CSS-discuss Wiki
CSS Shark
CSS Specification from W3C -- contents, index
CSS Specificity*
CSS Vault (portfolio of good design)
CSS Zen Garden
CSS2 Reference (W3 Schools)
Digicam Help (tutorials)
Essays on Web Design
Flashkit.com (tutorials)
Free Online Tutorials at eLearning
Gazingas.org -- one of those "white on gray guys"
Great experiments in menus/scrolling windows/etc.
Guru's Network
HTML Center
IBM Ease of Use > Design
Illustrator World
Image Gallery with DLs
Inknoise "Layoutomatic"
IRT (Internet Related Technologies)
Interesting approaches and fixes
Java Server Pages @ developer.com
JSP Google Group
JSP Solutions and Articles (Experts Exchange)
Layout Galaxy
Little Shop of CSS Horrors
Macromedia Online Support Forums
MaxDesign - web process (quite good)
Media College Website Design and Dev.
Media Inspiration (the designer's resource)
MeyerWeb -- The Edge (css experimentation)
Music Rebellion (10 cent downloads?)
Nemesis Project CSS Layouts
NetMechanic Newsletter
Netscape DevEdge + CSS
NYPL Online Style Guide
Open Source Web Design
Ordered List
Pirated Sites
Porter's Workshop (neat stuff!)
Position is Everything (css)
Presentational Javascript (with/wout css)
Real World Style
Sea Mus n Squirrell css playground
Selectutorial (plus more css tut's)
SSI Developer
TheServerSide J2EE Community -- Patterns
Setting @media CSS2 Types
Silver Orange Labs
Simple Bits
SitePoint Newsletter
SkillSwap free newmedia training
Splintered (great tips in experiments)
Stylegala - the finest css/standards resource
The Best Design
Tutorial Forums
TwikiWeThey - taking back the web from bad design
UofMN-Duluth IT Ref. Tools page (good stuff)
W3 Compliant Sites
WebBuilders Toolkit
Web Credibility Research (Stanford)
Web Design for Newbies
Web Design Forum
Web Design from Scratch
Web Design Helper (lots)
Web Design L Archive
Web Design Library (good stuff!)
Web Design Tutorial Index
Webmaster Tools
WebReference from internet.com
Website Tips by SKDesigns
Web Standards Awards
WSG (Web Standards Group) mail archive
Web Wonk
Weekly Standards

Hacks and Fixes

Annoyances.org (stamp out windows problems -- see Windows tips below)
CSS Bugs and Workarounds from CSS Pointers Group
Explorer Exposed (lots of css hacks)
IE background image flicker
IE pixel gap
IE position:fixed fix
IE5/Mac Hack (and links in footer)
IE7 Compliance Patch
Microsoft's own condition comments info
The Noodle Incident Box Lessons -- one of those "white on gray guys"
Quirks Mode
RichInStyle Netscape Bugs (and others)
Targeting CSS for IE (hack-free CSS)
Windows tips(?)

Accessibility / Standards

456 Berea Street Rec./Best Practices Dev. w/web standards
-- the perfect popup (tutorials)
Accessible Form Layout
Accessible Pop-ups
Accessible Website Menu
Accessibility 1st
Accessibility Resource Center
Apple's Web Development Best Practices
Bobby Accessibility Tool
<CF_Pretty> Accessible Blog
Colorblind Web Filter (enter your url to see)
Color Vision Defs. 216 Web-Safe Comp. Chart
evolt ia/usability articles
HTML Writer's Guild AWARE ColorLab simulation
Lighthouse Int'l Effective Color Contrast
Online Tools -- How to Improve Accessibility
NASA's WWW Best Practices (guidelines)
National Centre for Tactile Diagrams
SAP Desgign Guild
Scroller (trying for accessibility)
Topics in Usability
Usability.gov (Access. Tutorials for Webmasters)
W3C WAI (Web Access. Init.) Alternative Browsing
Wave Accessility Tool (WebAIM)
WebAble Library
Web Accessibility 101
WebAIM (Accessibility in Mind)
   -- Simluations page (screenreader, low-vis., distractability)
Webboy (lots of good res./portfolio)


A+ info on Digital Photography (pixels/inch, etc.)
Best sites for graphic designs, courses, etc.
Browser Cam font comparisons
Color Matters
Color Selector from Glidden Paints -- WOW
Complete HTML True Color Chart
Color Scheme2 (from wellstyled.com)
Colour schemer (NEAT w/gradient steps)
Cool Effects Tutorials
Cool Text Online Graphics Generator
Creationflux -- visual directory for design lovers
Creative Commons -- Common Content Catalog
Easy RGB
Fireworks Tutorials from Razzle Dazzle
Fireworks Tutorials
Font Size and Inheritance
Free Fonts
Free Images
Get the Look -- color inspirations
Go Font Yourself -- @ Chank
Gradient Thief
Grantastic Design glossary
Graphic Designer's Studio
Graphic Goo
Hype's Color Specification for NS3
istock photo (cheap!)
Liquid Treat -- neat design newsletter (web and graphics)
Logo Design Service
Logos for the Design-Challenged (19-part series)
More Crayons (colors for web designers)
MyFonts.com (satisfy curiosity about font names, origins, etc.)
Neat and Interactive Color Movie
Not Sold Separately Tech. and Art Blender
PaintShop Pro Tutorials
Pantone/Hex/RGB Equivalents
Pegasus PhotoShop Tutorials
PNG Home Site
Powerpoint temlates/backgrounds -- Verry nice!
RGB Color Chart
TIEM - The Internet Eye Magazine for designers
VecpiX Tutorials and forums
VisiBone color and html popups for your desktop!
Volk's Photoshop Tips
Web Colors Home Page
Webmaster's Resources: Color
Super Color Chart

Validators/Page checkers

Backward Compatibility Viewer
Juicy Studio Quality Assurance Tests
Lynx Viewer
NetMechanic Toolbox Free Sample
W3C CSS Validator by URI
W3C Markup Validation for HTML
W3C Semantic Data Extractor (outline of page)
WDG HTML Validator
WebSite Optimizer - free url diagnosis

Online Learning

Free Stuff Page at Stanford U.
Instructional Design Models
MERLOT: Multimedia Educational Resources for Learning and Online Teaching
Ohio Learning Network Conf. archive

I like most of these designers' work!

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