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IN INDIANA - May 2001

Hi Mommy and Daddy and Lucy --

I love you and miss you!


(Please ignore Aunt Donna's thumb in my picture. She said she takes pictures just like Grammy Marshall used to!)

Corey and Erin and Grammy have been helping me with the computer. Here I am playing a Blue's Clues game with Corey.

This is how Erin spent most of Sunday afternoon! Aunt Donna said she spends most of the other days of the week that way also.

Old Nana and Pop have some new gray hair after their 11 hour drive together. I was an angel, of course!

We are getting ready for a big night out at ...

Ritter's Frozen Custard Stand! We visited there two nights already.

I have been very good on vacation and I miss you and love you and wish that I could be at your house and I wish that you were here with me, too.

I will be home on Monday night.