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Nicky's New Year's Day - 2005

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Introducing Nicky (aka St. Nicholas), best Christmas gift ever!

Guess I better smile for the camera.

I'm only as big as Uncle Ed's hand.

This is one of the fantastic ladies I live with -- her name is Devon Marie.

This is another of the fantastic ladies I live with -- she is Casey Nicole. She always wants me to give her a kiss, but I'm too busy posing for the camera.

I am loved!

Uncle Lenny called me a gerbil. Said my knees would buckle if three fleas landed on me. But I'm too busy playing with my catnip toy to worry about that.

Devon sure spoils me.

Oh goodie, Devon got a frame for some of my glamor shots.

My Great Gramma got some massaging slippers that frighten me.

Hey, what gives? I'm not in this picture. But it sure is a good one of Casey!

What? I'm not in this one either!

(Is this the group they call "The Three Stooges"?)

This is my Great Grandfather. He loves to read cards.

OK, enough pictures of other people. Bring me back to the camera, folks.

Uncle Eddie really knows how to put me to sleep.

Off to the next soft pillow.

I am out like a light -- getting passed to everyone.

Ahh, finally, Aunt Colleen.

This is my favorite mode of transportation.

This is the third fantastic lady I live with -- she seems to be the boss. Makes sure everyone else takes good care of me.

I must have really celebrated last night. Molly (boss and the last of the fantastic ladies I live with) threw a big bash and I watched this big glittery ball drop at Midnight.

Aunt Donna can't even wake me up. (She's really holding me hostage until she gets her camera back.)

What a life I lead!

It's gonna be a great year!