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- Week 7 Notes -

Still have three people who need to take the test--you will be reported as absent for three classes if I do not hear from you before 5 p.m. on Friday.
This could have major consequences for your Financial Aid status.

d a -- b c

You can use frames to do more than hold navigation.

d a -- b c

This site uses frames to provide a little more color and design.  I could save it as a template with this center area being the only editable region to keep my pages looking uniform and consistent in design.
Check this conference review page for more margin work.
(You can tell I like khaki colors J !)

d a -- b c

Give it a try -- caution, you must make the scrollbar feature "Never" in the pages used as the frame surroundings.   I also like to begin my pages with a horizontal rule to get some kind of separation between MY pages and Tripod's ads!

Did you find examples of "framed" pages for extra credit?
If you did, please write the URL on the index card and hand in before class begins.

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